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  Chemistry, Catalysis, Polymers and Processes (UMR 5265)

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Research at the C2P2


The driving force underlying the research accomplished in our laboratory is an analysis of the needs of our partners:  industry, public groups and society as a whole.  We strive to provide solutions, methodologies and products that these partners will need in the next 5 to 10 years.  In addition, we also work with small to medium sized enterprises (SMEs) to help them solve more immediate problems.

As such, the following 4 concepts underpin all of the research work done in our laboratory:

Comprehend and Describe:  If we are to innovative, it is essential to understand the fundamentals of the physical processes with which we are dealing, and to derive a sufficiently detailed description that we can disseminate this knowledge, either in the form of technology transfer to different partners, or to the scientific community as a whole.  This objective is attained through the performance of fundamental experimental work, and the use of molecular and process scale modelling.

Innovate:  It is important to be as innovative as possible in our approach to research, whether it be the synthesis of materials, nanostructured materials, catalysts or in process development and intensification.  

Produce:  The processes and products of the future MUST be ever more respectful of humans and of the environment, but at the same time need to be economically viable for our industrial partners that exploit them.  Projects related to the development of innovative processes for the production of well-defined materials are one of the major keys to our success.

Educate:  Education and training of scientists and engineers is one of the key societal contributions that we can make, especially since we are located on the campus of the University Claude-Bernard Lyon 1 and in an engineering school, CPE-Lyon.  A strong integration of the researchers and professors in the laboratory with the development of teaching strategies and the provision of instruction to undergraduate and graduate students will help to ensure the propagation of our ideals and approaches.

You are invited to use the tabs to the left to explore the different thematic areas of research that are present at the C2P2 at the current time.  They are divided roughly by research group, but most are pluridisciplinary and invovle some level of group interactions.

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