C2P2 - Research LCPP


CPE Lyon
43 Bd du 11 Nov. 1918
69616 Villeurbanne cedex

  Chemistry, Catalysis, Polymers and Processes (UMR 5265)



The "Polymer colloids" research area in the CPP group has always been an important field of activity. Originally strongly implicated in polymerization in dispersed media for the synthesis of polymer latexes, the group has been deeply involved these last years in the synthesis of organic/inorganic (O/I) composite colloids, which are nanocomposite materials that combine the best attributes of inorganic solids with the processing and handling advantages of organic polymers. By controlling the composite particle morphology through appropriate routes and reaction conditions, synergetic behaviors and completely new properties can potentially emerge. Many strategies have been developed and studied in the CPP group for the elaboration of such colloidal nanocomposites, most of them relying on polymerization in dispersed media (emulsion, miniemulsion and dispersion) carried out in the presence of the inorganic material.


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