C2P2 - Dr Timothy F.L. McKenna


CPE Lyon
43 Bd du 11 Nov. 1918
69616 Villeurbanne cedex

  Chemistry, Catalysis, Polymers and Processes (UMR 5265)

Dr Timothy F.L. MCKENNA   Affiliated to: LCPP Group
Polymer Reaction Engineering - PRE

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Contact : timothy.mckenna@univ-lyon1.fr
Phone: +33 4 72 43 17 66

Dr Timothy F.L. MCKENNA CV (.pdf)

Area(s) of Research

Research in the PRE group covers both of the principal areas of activity of the LCPP group: free radical polymerisation in aqueous medium (emulsion, minie mulsion and suspension polymerisation) ; and olefin polymerisation on supported catalysts.

My research programme has its roots in Polymer Reaction Engineering:  the application of fundamental Chemical Engineering tools to understand, quantify and control polymerisation reactions. Knowledge is used to improve existing processes, and to design new processes and materials that respond the to the requirements of society as a whole and to our industrial partners. The major focus of my work is in the areas of polyolefins and specialised latex production.


  • Bachelor of Engineering, Chemical Engineering, McMaster University, Canada (1985)

  • Ph.D., Chemical Engineering, University of Massachusetts at Amherst (1989)

  • Habilitation à diriger des recherches, Université Claude Bernard Lyon-1 (1997).

Research Interests


  • Mass transfer mechanisms in catalytic olefin polymerisation

  • Heat transfer mechanisms

  • Particle morphology development and fragmentation

  • Specialised reactor design for experimental investigations

Latex Production

  • High solid content latex products;

  • Complex particle size distributions and latex rheology

  • Innovative processes for emulsion production;

  • Miniemulsions and hybrid materials;

  • Stablisation and coagulation of latexes; coagulator design.

  • Modelling of particle growth;

  • Reactor scale-up

Current Projects

  • High Solid Content Latices and Control of the PSD.

  • Generation of miniemulsions.

  • Modelling of Emulsion Polymerisations.

  • Sensors for Polymerisation Reactors.

  • High Impact Polypropylenes.

  • Stopped Flow Reactors and Nascent Polymerisation.

  • Heat and Mass Transfer in Olefin Polymerisation.

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